Irregular Programming Will Resume Shortly

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Image from Flickr user Matthew Dinkins:

Hello again, world!

Apologies for my protracted absence. After Halloween, life got very busy with multiple interviews for new a day job, followed by my gratefully accepting a great new position in my professional field of expertise. I’m a couple months into that now, and just starting to build a set of writing and blogging habits that fit well with the new gig.

Leaving the world of freelancing for my first real office job has been quite the transition. Admittedly, my specific case probably isn’t as big a jump as some, given that my new job remains fairly lightly supervised and allows me significant discretion in how I structure my time. Still, I now live with far more objectives and deadlines set by other people. Somewhat unexpectedly, adapting to the new workplace hasn’t been the most disruptive part of the adjustment.

In many ways (including for this blog), the biggest shift has been the reduction in unscheduled time at home. For example, because of commute times and grocery store proximity relative to our respective workplaces, I’m still the spouse who handles most of the grocery shopping and cooking. Taking an hour and a half on Monday afternoons to shop at two different stores isn’t an option anymore, but the cooking still needs to get done (especially if we want to maintain the financially and nutritionally healthy eating patterns we were forced to develop while I was freelancing). This has required some adjustments to the systems and habits I use to keep life moving smoothly, and the same goes for a variety of other areas in my life, too.

During the first few weeks at the new job, I made sure that most of my cognitive energy was going into learning how the place runs, doing my work well, making the right first impressions, and building healthy new office habits. Throw the holidays in for good measure, and it wasn’t until the new year that I felt I could really get intentional about building a solid home-life routine. Even so, it will still take some time before I get all of the pieces in place the way I want them.

All of which is to say that, in addition to random thoughts about writing and the occasional Wendig flash fiction piece, I’ll also start using this space to articulate my thoughts about building the life and routines I want. Here’s hoping that will be of some interest, even if just as a window into how someone else thinks about and does these things.