Happy All Hallows’ Eve Eve Eve!

Yes, this is an obligatory Jack O'Lantern picture.
From Flickr user Randy Robertson
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This, that, and the other thing have kept me from completing Wendig’s Halloween challenge. (“This” being potentially exciting progress for possible long-term professional opportunities, “that” being the start of a new part-time gig until the long-term situation stabilizes, and “the other thing” being a lack of effort on my part.) I’d pulled The Thing meets Scooby-Doo, and while some ideas continue to percolate, that story will not be written between now and tomorrow at noon.

Tomorrow, of course, being Halloween Eve, or All Hallow’s Eve Eve if you’re feeling puckish. If you’re feeling as puckish as I am right now, that makes today All Hallow’s Eve Eve Eve, a term which I am shocked is not in more common usage.

For my spouse and me, this means dropping our adorable dog off with some neighbors for the weekend (he’ll be thrilled; it’s where his best friend lives) and hitting the road at 9am tomorrow for the drive to Chicago. I’ve got a small group of friends from my college years that are scattered to the winds, and we try to get together once a year. This works a little more than half the time if weddings are included, and less than half the time if they aren’t. The idea for Halloween came together fairly quickly, and I’m very much looking forward to it. (Even moreso since the group costume situation resolved earlier in the week.)

It also means that Macbeth, Act II likely won’t go up until Monday. Here’s hoping everyone can make it until then without their Brush Up fix.

The trip also also means that most of the first day of NaNo will be spent on the road and tired. Wouldn’t want to make it too easy, right?

With that, and assuming I don’t check in before the great day itself, Happy Halloween!


"I nearly jumped out of my skin! Oh, sorry! Was that insensitive?"
From Flickr user Tom1231