Warming Up

Hello (again), Internet!

This is the latest in a years-long series of inaugural posts by me. Past examples include at least three now-defunct LiveJournals, a previous (and decidedly more pseudonymous) WordPress blog which lasted maybe three posts, and sustained pro blogging done for day jobs gone by. Based on that track record, I doubt this will be my last inaugural post on the Internet.

It is, however, the first and only inaugural post I will write here. M.J. Diedrich (pronounced DEE-trick) is my real name, albeit a slightly different version than I use in my day job work and personal life. The interested and mildly clever among you should have little difficulty figuring out what that version of my name is. The lazy among you can just check my Twitter feed. I’ll be doing my best to keep the day job part of myself separate from this space. Incidental crossover may occur but should be kept to a minimum.

As it says in the founding iteration of the “About” page, I’m here to talk about my growth as a science fiction and fantasy writer. I’ve spent plenty of time lurking around various pro writers’ blogs, leaving story drafts of widely varied quality in several inboxes and disk drives, and attempting NaNoWriMo with mixed success. I got a few drafts rejected during my later years of undergrad, but haven’t made a serious submission in years. That will be changing in the next month or so. My goal is to join the SFWA before 2017, which gives me just over two years.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting more about what I’m doing here and what I’m writing. After that, who knows what I’ll post next? Pictures of my adorable puppy? Werewolf poetry? The org chart for an interstellar bureaucracy? This is the Internet; anything can happen.